my name is Eugene and this is my resume/cv

About Me

I am searching for advanced projects with cool people. I want to solve complex and important tasks using modern technologies.

My personality

I always try to find out if I am really solving the task which needs to be solved. Sometimes it is better to solve completely different task... Or even not to solve it at all. I am always responsible for deadlines that I set and try to cover mistakes and dangers. I like spreading cool ideas and technologies between colleagues and educating juniors.


  • 2010

    Master Degree

    Master Degree in Intellectual Systems (Russian State University of Oil and Gas)

  • 2008

    Bachelor Degree

    Bachelor Degree (Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering)

  • 2004

    Graduated from school with profound study of English

    At school I took interest in studying Delphi and PHP and created my first programs and web sites.

  • 1988

    I was born in Moscow

Tests, examinations

  • 2014

    Oracle Database 11g Sales Specialist

  • 2014

    Oracle Database 11g PreSales Specialist

  • 2014

    Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional

  • 2012

    Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate


2020 - current
Senior Developer
Here I develop infrastructure solutions for Yandex Market.
2017 - 2020
Tech Leader
In OneTwoTrip i worked to ensure both stable and bleeding edge technologies within one of the core teams.
Team Leader
In Pay-Me, I organized a completely new team for development and support of bank preprocessing software.

Personally I developed and supervised development of projects using Node.JS, PHP, Java (Android applications), C# (Windows PC and WinPhone), Redis and PostgreSQL.
Moscow State Technical University (MAMI)
I give lectures and workshops on the subject of DBMS and various themes - Information Security, Web design, Arduino and IOT. Also I help students with their hardware and software projects. It's rather a hobby, not a job.
System Monitoring Institute
Web Developer / Team Leader / Oracle DBA
Here I took the responsibility for administrating of EIAS system ( analytical system, used by Russian federal tariff service).

While improving EIAS, I developed and debugged applications on Java, administrated several remote databases (including ones with data volume over 10 TB), studied and certified for Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional.

Besides works on EIAS, I have supervised a team (up to 4 developers), which was developing different mobile and web applications - including forest monitoring systems, community control systems and database updates system. For our projects, we used combinations of Java, Node.js, PHP, React, JQuery and Bootstrap.

During my work here, I have developed a tool to backup Oracle databases in form of version controlled DDL queries - http://oracletogit.ru

Also here I have been developing applets on Java Web Start and mobile applications on Android.

My last project is web version of EIAS - it is already in beta version, made using C#, SignalR (WebSockets), JQuery and Bootstrap.
Familia Media
Web Developer
I have been working on social network project and on a multimedia portal with WAP content. On those projects, I developed web services (PHP+MySQL) and created plugins for multimedia server Wowza Media Server Pro (on Java). It was my first experience working in a large team.
2004 - 2009
Web developer / PC Developer
During my study in the university, I worked here part time on many different projects. My responsibilities included:
  1. Developing web system of reader account control for Russian State Historical Library
  2. Web development - for example, http://kniginina.ru/
  3. Web server configuring and support
  4. Developing applications for transfering rare and old books to electronic format. In particular - developing interface for camera on C++
  5. Porting desktop version of the encyclopedia Moscow Through the Ages" to web, additional development.

Some of my projects

I like teaching students cutting edge technologies so I prepared a special exam after six months of studies. Students had to hack specially designed web site to get award points in our improvised bug bounty program and pass exam.

This a simple Android application which uses Google Compression Proxy and Tor to avoid blocking of rutacker.org. It was fun to reverse engineer Google Compression Proxy protocol and update abandoned Tor Android project.

Used: Java, Android, Google Compression Proxy, Tor.
This is CO2 sensor, combined with Arduino-like microcontroller Wemos D1. It can measure air quality and send it to remote server which displays statistic and graphics.

Used: PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap, C++, Arduino.
This is just a test to check if a simple web view could process and correctly show adaptive but unoptimized web site with heavy javascript and css. Also it implements authentication based on google account in android. Application works surprisingly fast and correct!

Used: Java.
This is a web application for creating and managing cool looking role playing character sheets. The most complex task was to accomplish printing - because even nowadays both developer and user have very little control over printing options.

Used: PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap.
Together with my team we created a powerful web calculator for checking price on hosing and communal services in Russia.

Used: Node.JS, React, CoffeeScript, Bootstrap, Oracle Database.
Since we have a large team of PL/SQL developers, we often need to get and compare different versions of database views, packages, functions, triggers and other objects. I accomplished this by creating a tool which creates Git repository with all versions of database DDL objects.

Used: PHP, Oracle Database, Git (GitLab).
This is a simple application I wrote for monitoring infrastructure objects from the helicopter. You turn it on, it records you route (GPS coordinates) and you press the button where you see some kind of problem.

Used: Java, Eclipse.
We had a project which accomplished the task of monitoring wildfires. It had special hardware sensors with SMS messaging, receiver service, managing application and web reporting application. Unfortunately, after accomplishing the project we did not find customers.

Used: Java, Eclipse, PHP.
For many years I create and support different wordpress plugins because I like this blogging platform and sometimes I need new tools for it. My SEO plugin is among the most popular in it's category.

Used: PHP.
I used mediawiki to translate some fiction books from English to Russian with a little translator team. Of cause, I needed several tools to make it comfortable - and I created them.

Used: PHP.
A little demo for Moscow State University where we tried to find out if we can detect correct tremor of human body with Wiimote. And... We could. But we had no money to work on this any longer so the project suspended forever.

Used: C#, Wiimote.
I created an application for Moscow State University's scientists, designed for searching and examining of saccades (EOG data). It Relies on Conan-m format.

Used: C++, MFC.
In 2010 I worked in Russian Public State Library and we accomplished task of bringing old books to PC application format. So I wrote an application for mass photo shoots with Canon Devices. It uses EDSDK and provides LifeView, photo save paths, different camera options and so on.

Used: C++, MFC, EDSDK.
In a far away 2007 I owned a compact PC with Windows CE. Brings nostalgia, does not it? For entertainment I wrote software for encoding and decoding data using Caesar and Vigenere cipher on Windows CE.

Used: C++, MFC, Windows CE.
It is one of my first experiences in PHP. It's surprising that it still works and users still like it... It is a counter system with little statistics and banner rotating system. It can even be considered a highload project - it handles about one million requests a day.

Used: PHP, MySQL.


Moscow, Russia
+7916 796 49 85


Stack Overflow


Oracle Database 11+
MySql, any other RDBMS
Node.js (backend)
Version Control (Git, SVN)
DevOps skills
Java (Android)
C# (Web, Mobile)
CSS (Bootstrap, etc)
Javascript (frontend)
C++ (arduino and crypto)




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